What size winter gloves do I wear?

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What size winter gloves do I wear?

When it comes to winter gloves, finding your right size is crucial. There is nothing worse than being stuck in freezing cold temperatures with gloves which are either too small or falling off the ends of your fingertips, and for winter sports you need a glove that guarantees durability as well as comfort! Therefore, before purchasing a pair of winter gloves randomly, it is important to understand which glove is best fitted to you.

How do you find out what size winter gloves are best for you? And what is the best way to measure them? If these are the questions you are pondering then look no further – you are in the right place!

In this article we explain the best ways to find the perfect set of winter gloves, so that you never have to suffer a wrong sized pair of gloves again!

Measuring for winter gloves with measure tape

One of the best and simplest ways to find out what size of glove to wear is to carry out some simple measurements of your hands. To do this properly, you will need a flexible tape measure which is small enough to fit over the circumference of the hand. It is also recommended that you use your dominant hand while doing this.

The two measurements you require are your overall hand length and your hand circumference. To find the length, open your hand and measure from the tip of your middle finger, down towards to base of the palm drawing a straight line. For the circumference, simply measure around the circumference of the hand from the base of your knuckles. The diagram below shows the two measurements:

The larger of these two sizes that you measure in inches will be your glove size, for example a 5” measurement equals a size 5 glove. Having these measurements handy will make it so much easier when it comes to finding your perfect size!

Finding your winter glove size using size charts

Finding your correct and appropriate size can be easy when using a size chart. Once you have found out your exact hand measurements, you need to then translate them into size, so you can purchase the right sized gloves without any struggles. Usually certain brands will carry size charts either on their website, or within the product information itself. The chart below is an example of a standard generic size chart.
Source: skis.com

Using a size chart allows you to make the correct choice based on your individual hands.

Things to keep in mind

Generally, when a pair of gloves is too tight, they are likely to make your hands feel colder than they usually would. Therefore, when in doubt it is recommended to always go up a size in order to avoid having cold hands!

What size winter gloves for me?

Usually, children will require special kids sized gloves, or in other cases XS gloves. If you have a small build or are a petite person who is slim, then a size S is the best option to go for. If you are of average size, then an M is probably the best size to go for. If, however, you are above average and a little taller or plumper, then the large size will probably be most comfortable. Again, each individual is different, and therefore the best way to find your perfect size is of course to measure, in order to find an accurate fit.

Tips for buying winter gloves

As we have mentioned how to find what size winter gloves to wear, we thought it would be helpful to include a few little pointers when it comes to buying winter gloves as these are a very important purchase. One of the biggest complaints when it comes to winter gloves is that they do not keep hands warm, or they let in water, and so people will give up on their sports due to the simple mistake of having the wrong sized gloves!


What temperature are the gloves designed for? This is a very important question to ask when purchasing your gloves. This is a factor which is often overlooked, yet if included it will help you to avoid buying gloves that are not suited to your destination, and hence help you buy the most appropriate gloves.


For waterproofing there are a range of different types of materials. One of the most common types is leather, which is usually most expensive. Another material popular in winter gloves and mitts is synthetic rubber, which in snow can usually hold out a lot better in keeping hands dry. This is an important factor to consider when buying, as once your hands get wet they can become cold pretty quickly. It would also be wise to take more than one pair of gloves when in snow, so that if your hands become wet, you have another pair ready to help while the others dry off.

Sleeves in or out

Another consideration is winter gloves are usually designed to go over the sleeve or inside the sleeve. Gloves for over the sleeve will include straps and Velcro that tighten nicely over the sleeve. The ones that fit inside, however, are usually considered most comfortable as they include fabrics that are soft against the skin, and you can pull your jacket sleeve over the top without noticing them.

So there you have it, how to find what size winter glove to wear as well as some buying tips when it comes to purchasing! Winter gloves are usually an important investment to make before you head out into freezing cold temperatures. Therefore, it is very wise to know exactly which size gloves you need in advance, in order to save you from suffering once you get to your cold destination! Hopefully this article has given you some advice when it comes to measuring your hands for the perfect sized gloves, as well as when it comes to making your next purchase!

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