The N’Ice Caps Adult Unisex Ski Gloves Product Review

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The N’Ice Caps Adult Unisex Ski Gloves Product Review

Skiing is a popular sport all over the world. The thrill of skiing down a snow-covered mountain appeals to most people. As a result, thousands of people make the trip to the premium skiing locations to have fun with their friends and family and make a vacation of it.

Like most other sports, skiing too requires some special gear. In fact, having the right gear is an important part of skiing, without which you will not have a good time.

To keep you warm on a snowy mountain, you will also require proper ski gloves which will keep your fingers from freezing in the cold.

One popular type of skiing gloves is N’Ice Caps Unisex gloves. These have thick insulation to keep your fingers warm and traction on the palms so that you can hold the ski sticks properly.


  • These are made from poly taslon material
  • The cuffs are extended for complete protection and knit at the ends
  • In order to secure the gloves on your hands carefully, the wrists have adjustable straps
  • Dimensions of the product with Large and X Large label is 9.6 x 2.2 x 4.7 inches
  • The gloves have thin sheets of insulation for increased usability


These ski gloves from N’Ice Caps have a number of great features. Here are some major pros:

  • The gloves are extremely easy to clean at home and can be machine washed safely in the tumble dry low option
  • There are a number of great colors available to perk up your skiing outfit
  • The gloves are much thicker than your regular gloves due to the extra insulation but they will keep your hands warm and comfortable while skiing
  • Despite the thickness, the design of the gloves will ensure that they don’t feel bulky and unnatural on your hands
  • The reinforced palms and fingers make them fit amazingly
  • All the fingers, thumbs, as well as the palm have a textured surface that offers traction while skiing
  • The price they are offered at is extremely reasonable and one of the best reasons to purchase them


  • The thickness of the gloves keeps you from being able to handle small objects but thin ski gloves will not do the job
  • There might be some quality issues regarding the durability of the seams
  • You have to be careful while putting it on as the inning can get stuck


An overview of the N’Ice Caps Ski Gloves shows that these are one of the most ideal options in this price range. These are warm and comfortable to be used while skiing and will make sure that your fingers don’t get cold.

The fastening mechanism is secure and will keep the gloves fitted well on your hands as long as you want. However, due to their thick insulation, they are not ideal if you want to be able to handle tiny objects and tie your own shoelaces. Besides this, they are perfect in every other way.


There are two other similar ski gloves that can be considered before buying one: HighLoong Men Waterproof Ski Gloves and Andorra Men Ski Gloves.

It is a good idea to do a quick overview of your options before choosing any one. Making a purchase without enough research might make you make a wrong choice which you will regret later.

Starting with the HighLoong Ski Gloves, these have insulation interlining which keeps your hands warm as long as you have them on. The features of these gloves are similar to the ones by N’Ice Caps but the former is available at a slighter lower price. Hence, they might be a better option when compared in terms of price.

The Andorra Men Ski Gloves are priced at a steeper rate than both the options mentioned above. However, they make up for the steep price by providing some features that are not present in the other two.

These gloves have a zippered pocket at the back of the hand and have conductive tips that allow you to use screen touch devices like your smartphone. The fit is great too. Hence, if you can spare a few extra bucks, Andorra Ski Gloves are the better choice.


N’Ice Caps Ski gloves are one of the best options you can choose in this price range. They might be a little bulky but they fit well and do not feel unnatural on your hands. They are capable of protecting your hands from the cold mountain air. They are a great low-priced option for your skiing trip this year!

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