The Columbia Men’s M Fast Trek Glove for the Outdoorsy You Review

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The Columbia Men's M Fast Trek Glove for the Outdoorsy You Review

Purchasing a pair of gloves without taking a good look at its features can lead to critical buying mistakes. This will not only be a waste of money but also of time and effort.

Therefore, before purchasing your winter gloves there are some important factors to consider. For example, price range you are looking for, the important features that you will require and

If you are looking for winter gloves which will keeps your hands warm in the winters, Columbia Men’s Fast Trek Gloves are an ideal option to consider.

These have several amazing features as well at some drawbacks. Find out how Columbia Men’s Gloves fare against the cold weather and their market competition:


Let’s take a look at some basic features of these Columbia Men’s Gloves:

  • The material is unblended and is 100% imported polyester
  • There is a security clip near the cuff which secures the gloves in its place
  • The wrist has is made of elastic for better fit
  • Dimensions of the product for Large size is 13 x 5 x 2 inches
  • The material on the palm has abrasion resistant technology


  • The durable polyester material can be washed in the machine easily, making the gloves brilliantly low-maintenance
  • Columbia Men’s Fast Trek Gloves are available in a variety of colors options to choose from; dark green, blue and black are some popular shades
  • The elastic and the security clip near the cuff of the gloves make sure that the cold doesn’t touch your hands and fingers at all
  • It is the perfect choice for the outdoorsy and active people who use the winter time to take hikes, walks, and treks
  • The palm of the gloves is the area which is the first to wear and tear; in these gloves the material on the palm is resistant to abrasions and damages


  • The grip is not exceptional and traction might be a problem when driving for long
  • The size of the gloves can be inconsistent with the label but they can be returned and exchanged to get the right size
  • These are meant for outdoor use but have no conductive tip which will allow you to use screen touch devices while the gloves are on
  • The material is thin and not suitable to wear outside during harsh winters
  • These gloves are also not suitable for high-wind locations and cannot be worn while riding the bike in winter


These gloves, while perfect for light use during mild winters, do not perform well against bitter cold or high wind. The security clasp as well as the elastic wrists does their job perfectly in moderate winters.

They are also fairly durable and special care has been taken to ensure that the high-wear areas such as the palm and fingertips have extra protection.

However, the seams can sometimes split open after a few uses. One of the major drawbacks is inadequate traction on the fingers and the palms that pose problems when driving.


To ensure that you pick the right gloves for your winter use, there are some other options that must be considered before choosing the best one.

The two similar products that fall in the similar category as the gloves from Columbia are: Horze Bayton Winter Gloves and Mountain Made Weather Active Gloves.

One off the major drawbacks of Columbia gloves is their appearance. The material is an irregular polyester weave and might not be appealing to many. The Horze Bayton Winter gloves, on the other hand, offer a much better look.

They are soft and flexible and can be washed easily. At a slightly higher price than the former, these winter gloves will be a more ideal option for many.

The other option, Mountain Made Weather Active Gloves is unisex and capable for keeping your hands warm during mild winters. They are soft and comfortable, fitting well on anyone’s hand. The price is a higher than Columbia Men’s gloves but the quality and comfort makes up for it.


One of the best features that seem to work for Columbia Fast Trek gloves for men is that they are reasonably priced. In fact, it might be tough to find a pair of decent gloves in their price range.

However, these are not the best choice if you want to be able to use your phone while wearing the gloves. The fingertips do not have conductivity. That being said, for someone looking for cheap, decent-quality, warm and comfortable gloves, Columbia Fast Trek for men is a steal at this price.

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