How to Wash Winter Gloves: A Guide

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How to Wash Winter Gloves A Guide

One of the most common problems of winter is washing your winter gloves. Knowing how to wash your winter gloves can make things easy for you. Winter accessories can perk up the look of your outfit.

However, keeping them clean is a difficult task. The fibers of winter gloves are delicate and tend to get ruined by rough handling, concentrated detergents, and high temperature. In fact, it might also be ruined by wringing or twisting. Whenever you wash, you have to be really careful.

Know How to Wash Winter Gloves

If you have a couple of winter gloves, you need to check the material, because each of these would have different instructions.

Wool Gloves

These are lightweight and outdoor wool gloves, which are ideal for snow sports and hiking. These gloves are known to be odor-resistant and breathable.

Hand-Washing Method: For this, you will have a fill a basin with warm water and add a mild detergent that you use for washing delicate garments. Now, dip the gloves in this water. Soak it for about 5 minutes. Thereafter take it out of the detergent water and rinse it using warm water.

However, you need to keep in mind that you should ever wring or twist the gloves. Lightly squeeze them to take out as much water as you can. You can roll in a towel and let it absorb the water. To dry the gloves, spread it on the drying rack.

Machine Washing Method: Check the washing instructions on the gloves. If it allows machine-wash then make sure that you wash in the delicate or gentle cycle.

You need to use warm water and a mild detergent. Before putting the gloves in the washing machine, you need to put it in a bag. Use the short spin function of the washing machine.

Thereafter, rinse it with warm water. Avoid tumbling dry and squeeze gently for pushing out water. Spread the gloves on the towel but remember to keep them away from direct sunlight.

Leather or Faux Leather Gloves

For cleaning this, you can need to use oil-based soap. This will help in removing the stains from outside. It is better to use the bubble of the soap rather than the water. When it dries up, you will have to use a microfiber cloth for polishing.

Thereafter, take baking soda and cornstarch and spread it on the inner part of the glove. Baking soda will help in absorbing the foul smell and cornstarch will absorb the oils. In order to disinfect the inner part of the gloves, you can spray hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, lightly.

Do not rub the leather while cleaning. Just press it between your hands. Blow into the gloves strongly as this will help in giving them a correct shape.

Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves are easiest to wash. You can simply put it in the washing machine full of cold water. You should not dry it in the sun if you want to prevent shrinking.

If you notice that the pair of glove has a stain then you should try to remove it with a brush and a spot cleaner. If you wash the gloves with oxygen bleach then it will help protecting the gloves while saving the color.

Waterproof Skiing Gloves

Before washing, you need to check the inside of the gloves for instructions. Pull out the inner lining as this is the first thing that gets dirty. You can machine wash this gloves with mild detergent and warm water.

Thereafter sprinkle baking soda and cornstarch for getting rid of the smell and oil respectively. Outer part of the gloves can be cleaned by rubbing hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.

Suede Gloves

To clean a suede glove, you can use a suede protecting spray. Thereafter dry clean it with a cleaner, which will go well with suede. If there are stains on the gloves, you can clean it with the help of some white vinegar.

You should let the gloves dry at room temperature. The best way to clean suede gloves it to take them to a dry cleaner. If there are body oil stains then you can clean it the help of degreaser leather cleaner that has been made especially for suede.  

You should always lay the gloves to dry. Make sure not to hang the gloves. Hand drying will make the gloves stretch. Of course, no one likes the excess fabric at the fingertips. With these washing tips, you will know how you have to wash the gloves and keep your hands warm all winter long.

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