Gordini Men’s Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves

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Gordini Men’s Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves

In winter seasons or if one is going out on a winter holiday, it is important that men have gloves that will keep up with their activities and keep them warm. It should also be lightweight and capable of keeping your hands dry as you move. Considering these requirements, you should check out Gordini Men’s Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves for your winter glove shopping.


Waterproof gloves fit for any occasion? You got it with these gloves from Gordini. You will be guaranteed of a glove that will let your hands stay warm and dry without it slipping off your hands.

Here is the full list of features for the Gordini Men’s Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves that you need to check out.

  • This pair of gloves is made of 100% polyester which is waterproof.
  • It comes with the patented Gore-Tex “Guaranteed-to-Keep-You-Dry” lining that adds to the waterproof capacity of the gloves and helps your hands breath and stay dry.
  • These gloves are very lightweight, allowing you to carry and wear it without feeling irritated in the long run.
  • Users are guaranteed to still have a grip when wearing these gloves thanks to the leather padded palm part.
  • Users would also have no problems with these gloves slipping from their grasps as they come with adjustable cuffs and a drawstring bottom which can be tightened at any time.


Looking at the features of the Gordini Men’s Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves, it does look like a winter glove to buy. However, how is performs as a winter glove in real life situations? Check out the pros and cons of this winter glove below!


There are several unique features with the Gordini gloves that you would definitely love once you slip it on. In terms of that material and make of these gloves, you will not be complaining at all due to its high quality.

The outer fabric is tough yet permits flexibility for the hands of its users. It is also capable of handling any type of abuse you might find yourself into for the holidays.

The lining inside the gloves is very comfortable and not too irritating if you wear the gloves for a long period of time. The patented Gore-Tex fabric also helps keep the hands dry fora long period of time.

You can even put your hands in water and remain there for a while without worrying about your hands getting wet. The gloves can also be used in any type of activity without worrying about it having tears.

The fabric ensures your hands stay dry the longer you wear it and if by any chance your hands get wet, it will dry off in minutes. In terms of keeping you warm even in -41 degrees’ weather, you would surely say you made the right choice when you buy and wear these gloves.

Cleaning them is also quite easy as you only need to clean it with a damp cloth and dry it naturally. You would also love the fact that these gloves are very cheap.


Unfortunately, you may experience some problems when wearing the gloves which may affect your experience. In terms of the sizes, you may need to double check with the company for the exact measurements because the larger sizes may be as accurate as they should be and it may not fit the activity you are planning to do.

If you want a snug fit glove for winter sports or for using things that need a steady grip, a size lower will be perfect. The gloves are also quite bulky and make it impossible for you to work on simple tasks like holding your phones and typing.

In terms of keeping you warm in colder temperatures, there are instances it might not keep you warm for a long time when the weather is colder than -30 degrees. If the weather is windy, the gloves’ isolation only works fora short period of time.

You may find this tedious to remove because if you pull your entire hand off the glove without holding it in place, you may end up tearing off the inserts or inverting them.

Having it replaced can be a little tedious since replacements for these parts are not sold in stores. The gloves may also have tears easily if you are using it while doing a very heavy activity.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you are in need of a winter glove that would keep you going, the Gordini Men’s Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves should be on your list.

These gloves are not only inexpensive, but can also withstand any cold temperature and give you the grip for all the activities you are planning during the cold season!

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