FootJoy Winter Golf Gloves Review

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footjoy winter golf gloves

Quick Overview






  • Good grip
  • Thin and comfortable
  • Keep hands warm in 40-degree weather
  • High-quality material
  • Fit perfectly
  • Has a built-in tee holder


  • Not for freezing weather
  • Need to be broken in

When playing golf outdoors, you’ll want to have the best outerwear to keep you warm. The FootJoy Women’s WinterSof Golf Gloves are an excellent option for plenty of outdoor activities.

With plenty of great features implemented to protect your hands from the elements, this pair of FootJoy winter golf gloves is a fantastic choice.

FootJoy Winter Golf Gloves

These gloves have a particularly modern appeal, which is what makes them easy to pair with your winter jacket and other accessories. They fit close to your hands so that you have the best movement possible without feeling bulky and encumbered.

Since they are made for sporting activities, such as golf, you can bet they’re incredibly flexible and comfortable.

Another fantastic benefit of the FootJoy Women’s WinterSof Golf Gloves is that they are available in pairs. You’ll have two special gloves to wear on both hands, instead of having to invest in two single gloves.

They are also exceptional for wearing underneath other larger gloves if you need a pair that is warmer for freezing weather.

Who Are These Gloves Meant For?

Everyone will be able to benefit from these gloves, especially if you’re in the market for a slim pair that fits close to your skin. People who prefer bulkier gloves with more fill would be better off opting for a different version.

These are high-performance gloves that keep your hands warm in moderately cold weather, rather than below freezing. You’ll also find that these FootJoy winter golf gloves are a fantastic option for keeping your hands protected against rain and snow. They have a waterproof exterior, which is ideal for people who work or play a lot outdoors during the fall and winter.

With all of the exciting technology in the gloves, they are highly adaptable to most lifestyles.

What’s Included?

As earlier discussed, these gloves come in a pair of two gloves, which is all you’ll receive in your order. You’ll find their design is rather well-rounded, so you won’t need any extra accessories.

Since they are for cool to moderately cold weather, you may want to consider investing in another pair as well for added protection in freezing temperatures.

Overview of Features

If you want a tight-fitting pair of gloves to keep your hands warm in cool weather, these are a great pair to have. Although these gloves appear to be marketed towards women, they are also incredibly comfortable for men.

  • Sure-Grip Autosuede

On the inside of the palm of the gloves, you’ll notice a unique material. This material is the Sure-Grip Autosuede, which is a patented technology to provide a consistent fit.

Also, you’ll find that it helps to keep the palms of your hand soft and comfortable in moderately cold weather.

  • Water-Resistant

There’s no point in buying a pair of gloves that will get wet and stay wet when you’re playing golf or doing any other activities. With the water-resistant outer layer, your hands will be shielded from the elements.

  • Weather-Shield Cuff

At the bottom of the gloves, you’ll notice there is a unique cuff that helps to keep cold air out. This feature is what makes them a fantastic choice for particularly windy weather, so you can keep the warmth where it belongs.

  • Reflective Piping

If you want to wear the FootJoy Women’s WinterSof Golf Gloves on and off the course, you’ll appreciate the reflective piping on the back of the glove. This feature helps to keep the gloves highly visible in low-light conditions

  • Windproofing

With the help of the structured nylon outer shell and Weather-Shield foam fleece on the back of the gloves, your hands will retain warmth. The windproofing rating of these gloves is impeccable compared to many other pairs on the market.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Using the FootJoy Women’s WinterSof Golf Gloves for everyday wear or specifically for golf is easy. With their high-quality features and intuitive design, all you have to do is slide the gloves on. You will then experience their warmth and comfort.

We also love the built-in tee holder, which makes them even more comfortable to wear for golf.


As with any pair of gloves, there are always alternatives to consider. Although the FootJoy Women’s WinterSof Golf Gloves are priced competitively, other pairs are better for colder weather.

Our favorite option is the Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Golf Gloves, and some of the pair’s best features include:

  • Digitized Synthetic Leather

On the palm of the gloves, you’ll notice the material is different, which is a digitized synthetic leather. This material is specifically useful for giving you a better grip in wet and cold conditions.

  • Opti Therm Fleece Liner

The inside of the gloves is particularly notable as it is ideal for cold temperatures. It is filled with a thermal fleece liner that has the sole purpose of keeping your hands warm when on the course for hours. You’ll find they are also quite impressive for everyday tasks.

  • Opti Fit Closure

Near the bottom of the gloves, you’ll find a unique closure that is secure, light, and thin. You’ll easily be able to adjust the size of the cuff to enhance the comfort and breathability of the gloves.

  • Opti Shield Outer Shell

With the help of the special microfiber material on the outside of the gloves, you’ll have even more protection. This layer keeps water away from the gloves and also provides excellent wind protection.


If you’re in the market for a pair of versatile gloves that are comfortable for slightly cold conditions, the FootJoy Women’s WinterSof Golf Gloves are one of the best options available to you.

With their sleek and stylish appeal that has a comfortable and modern fit, they’re great for outdoor activities. You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to layer them if you need even more weather protection in freezing temperatures.

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