Fleece vs. Nylon Winter Gloves

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Fleece vs. Nylon Winter Gloves

When the seasons change so do the temperatures, and we soon begin to realize that it’s time to update our wardrobes again, in order not to freeze. If you love being outdoors in the winter and don’t want to surrender to the cold,  purchasing a good pair of winter gloves will help keep your hands warm no matter how cold it gets.

If you shop around, you will be able to find a large variety of winter glove styles, some which are better for sports or work, and others more suited to freezing temperatures or simple style. If you know what to look out for, you will be able to find a suitable pair for you.

In this article, we will compare fleece vs. nylon winter gloves, and look at the difference between the two, to give you a better idea of the two types and their individual benefits.

Why Buy Winter Gloves?

Why buy winter gloves in the first place when you can wear just any old pair? You might think that any gloves are suitable to wear during winter, as long as they fit. However, this isn’t the case as you will soon find out after spending up to an hour in the cold when your fingers start feeling numb.

Winter gloves are specifically made to last longer in colder temperatures. This means you can trust that they will keep you warm no matter how cold it gets, and rather than wearing any pair of random gloves, you will be glad you chose these. Of course, this depends on the individual gloves themselves. Some are designed with special thermal insulation material, which is definitely a factor to look out for when shopping, as these are probably better guaranteed to keep your hands warm. Other varieties have been designed with spandex which allows them to be super stretchy, and give the wearer more comfort.

Other more up-to-date gloves will also include touch screen-friendly points on the fingertips of, allowing wearers to easily text and answer phone calls, without having to take their gloves off.

When shopping, you will quickly find a large variety of different gloves out there, but which materials are most popular and which provide the most warmth?

Benefits of Fleece Gloves

Polyester fleece itself is a soft, fuzzy wool-like fabric which is often used in making hats, mittens, sweaters and blankets. It’s famously known as a comfort fabric, and that’s why people generally like wearing it. Usually, gloves that are fleece lined are extremely comfortable and feel really nice to wear, especially in the cold.

These types of gloves are also made in a variety of different styles, meaning you can find a new style each season. Fleece is also a very breathable fabric, so your hands are less likely to sweat in fleece gloves. They help retain heat very well and can be extra thick and also thermal depending on the brand.

In terms of wear, fleece gloves are less beneficial for those performing hard work out in the cold, and are more suited for shopping or simply being out with friends and family. Nylon gloves are a little different, which we will look at next.

Benefits of Nylon Gloves

Nylon is a similar material to polyester; however, it is known to be the strongest of the two, and a lot stretchier. This is due to nylon absorbing a small amount of water, while polyester doesn’t absorb any.

Nylon gloves are very lightweight and provide more of a tough grip than fleece gloves do. These are more durable and perfect for wet and wintery conditions.

If you are doing work in the cold, then nylon gloves would be preferential over fleece gloves. This is because they usually feature a PVC coating for optimal flexibility, making them also practical for wear in sub-zero temperatures.

Often it is possible to find gloves with a nylon exterior and a fleece lining on the inside. These are probably the best gloves to look for as they will provide the extra comfort of the fleece gloves with the strong durability of the nylon on the outside.

Which Material is Warmest?

Which material is warmest really depends on the individual gloves that you purchase. This is because some styles of glove can include double or even triple layers of insulated fabric, which would probably make them a lot warmer than the single-layered gloves.

In terms of the fabrics, fleece contains tiny air pockets, like insulation in the home, and is made of synthetic fiber and wool. Therefore it is likely to trap a bit more heat which will, therefore, keep your hands warmer than nylon gloves. If you are trying to keep your hands warmer in winter, then we would recommend fleece gloves.

However as mentioned, the fleece and nylon combination gloves make for really warm gloves, and you can be guaranteed of durability at the same time thanks to their tough outer layer.

Final Verdict

When comparing fleece vs. nylon winter gloves, they are equally good materials to go with, and both styles are guaranteed to be useful for certain situations. Nylon winter gloves are preferred for the more durable situations, such as working outdoors and in wet or snowy conditions, whereas fleece is more suited to everyday wear, or simply for fashion purposes.

Again this depends on the individual wearing the gloves, and what their preference is. Many brands will offer a variety of styles and even mixed styles which can include a few layers of different materials. Therefore, shopping around you will surely find something that you like, and which will help keep your hands warm in cold temperatures.

We really hope that this article has helped you to find out a bit more about different types of winter gloves out there, and will hopefully allow you to find a more suitable pair of gloves this winter.

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