Do Fingerless Gloves Keep You Warm? How Exactly?

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Do Fingerless Gloves Keep You Warm

If you are in the market for a new pair of gloves, you might be wondering how do fingerless gloves keep you warm. It seems like the opposite would be true, but they can and do keep you warm, and there is a science behind why they work so well.

Wearing fingerless gloves can not only keep you warm but also free up your fingers for other tasks. If you are a multitasker, a pair of these gloves might be just what you need.

Do Fingerless Gloves Keep You Warm?

There is, in fact, some science behind why fingerless gloves keep you warm. Most of these gloves cover the parts of your hand and wrist that have the greatest impact on your overall warmth.

For example, the back of your hands is loaded with capillaries and blood vessels. Keep this area warm, and the rest of you will stay warmer too, even if uncovered.

Secondly, many fingerless gloves will cover your pulse point, also warming you up. By keeping your hands and wrists covered, you are improving your overall circulation, which is another method of keeping you warm even though your fingers aren’t covered.

Finally, if you keep your wrists warm, the blood in your hands stay warmer. This means that even though your fingers are exposed, the blood is warmed from the wrist.

Traditional Gloves vs. Fingerless Gloves

So, which is the better option: traditional or fingerless gloves? There are some definite advantages to wearing fingerless gloves over the more traditional version that keeps your fingers covered.

Gloves that have the fingers covered will sometimes cause you to overheat. Your hands can get sweaty inside the glove, and your hands can get slippery. The glove gets wet and can take some time to get dry, ultimately leaving you even cooler. This is especially true in gloves that aren’t made with breathable materials.

On the other hand, while they keep your hands warm, fingerless gloves are far less likely to cause your hands to overheat or sweat. In addition, they can be used for a variety of other activities where traditional gloves just would not work.

Wear fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm while hiking, fishing, mountaineering, camping or a variety of other outdoor activities. Your hands stay warm, but your fingers are free to perform other tasks.

Benefits of Wearing Fingerless Gloves

Perhaps the best advantage of fingerless gloves is that by having your fingers free, you can use them to do other things. You can use your phone, for example, without having to hit the screen just right with your touchscreen gloves.

Moreover, you can access money from your wallet more easily, or even change the station on your radio while you’re driving. You can even wear these in the office, allowing your fingers free to type or sort through the paperwork.

In fact, you can even take part in outdoor activities where you want to stay warm but also need your fingers mobile. For example, perhaps you want to cycle outdoors during cooler weather. You want to hold onto your handlebars, but you don’t want your hands and fingers to get too cold.

Having your fingers free while also keeping your hands and wrists warm is the ideal solution. With these, you can use your fingers for whatever you need but enjoy staying warm at the same time.

Considerations When Purchasing

While fingerless gloves can and do keep you warm, you need to ensure that you’ve considered a few factors before you decide on which pair to purchase.


Size is a huge consideration, given that you want your fingers to remain unrestricted. If the mobility of your fingers is restricted, you’ve defeated much of the purpose of wearing fingerless gloves.


There are a few considerations when it comes to comfort. Of course, material matters. You want something soft that you will enjoy wearing. However, one of the biggest considerations in comfort is making sure your knuckles are comfortable.

Depending on the cut of the glove, you might find that some feel better on your hands than others. This is often a direct result of how the material feels along your knuckles if it reaches that far.

You also want to make sure that the material is soft on your knuckle, as you will likely be rubbing against the material in that area every time you bend your fingers.

Material and Thickness

Material and thickness are also key features of any fingerless glove. You want the material to be a thickness that will keep you comfortably warm or the level of warmth that is most appealing to you. Then again, you don’t want them to make you too warm.

In addition, you don’t want a material that is too heavy or light, for that matter. You want to think about the activities you plan on doing while wearing the gloves and find the weight that is most suitable for those activities.

If you are going to be doing a lot of activities outdoors, you likely don’t want a very thick and heavy material. You might get too warm, or you might not want to lift your hands if they have extra weight on them. On the contrary, if you are just wearing the gloves on your commute back and forth to work, maybe you do want a thicker glove that will keep you extra warm while you are driving.

You also want to select a glove that is made with a breathable material. This can help eliminate any chance of overheating.


Of course, the level of warmth you receive from your fingerless gloves is perhaps the most important consideration. Many fingerless gloves will be made of several different layers of material, including a layer of fleece.

Those that are considered the warmest are made from goatskin leather while other warm materials include polyurethane and polyester. Nevertheless, you want to keep breathability in mind depending on the activities you plan to engage in while wearing your gloves.

The wrist closure is yet another feature you do not want to overlook. In fact, this closure has a direct impact on your overall warmth. You want a secure closure—one that will not allow wind or cold air to get in, and one that will stay closed.

This means making sure that the material used is not particularly stiff or hard. That’s because that kind of material won’t bend with you and will leave room for cold air to enter.

Final Words

Like many, you have probably wondered how do fingerless gloves keep you warm. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also allow for functionality and mobility that traditional gloves do not. With a pair of these, you can stay warm while keeping your fingers free to do other things.

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