Best Women’s Winter Gloves Review

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Best Women's Winter Gloves Review

Winter is fast approaching and it’s time to dig out your winter wardrobe. Keeping your hands, head, and feet warm is an essential part of keeping your body warm too. It’s the extremities that let the heat out of your body, so having a good pair of winter gloves or mittens is an essential part of staying toasty. Winter gloves provide essential warmth and are a necessary part of accessorizing your outfit.

It’s one of the staples of a winter wardrobe, so treat yourself to a few pairs and match your different looks. So, what are the best women’s winter gloves? Well, that’s a thing of personal taste so let’s look at a few suggestions for best women’s winter gloves below.

Vbiger Women’s Winter Touch Screen Gloves

The Vbiger Women’s Winter Touch Screen Gloves are an excellent looking pair of winter gloves that would be suitable for mild to moderate winter weather protection. Made from a 100% polyester fabric called non-inverted velvet, they have a smooth knitted fabric finish. The gloves are fully lined with a soft and warm downy liner which helps keep your fingers toasty and comfortable.

Given these are winter gloves and are lined with a substantial lining for extra warmth, they are still fairly anatomic, and the sewing of seams seems to be of a good standard. The cuff is finished with a trim of the lining material for an extra design touch. The cuff also has a cut-away section which allows for easy on/off, especially when you have chunky sweaters or a winter coat. The cuff is also finished off with a delicate bow which is a nice finishing touch.

The gloves feature a touch screen function in the thumb and forefinger which allows you to use all smartphones and touchscreens without the need to take your glove off in the cold which is a nice feature. The gloves are one size fits all which means they have some stretch in them, and this also contributes to the comfortable fit and good mobility of the fingers.


  • Touch screen finger and thumb
  • Warm lining
  • Good fit with a stretch fabric
  • Nice elegant bow finish


  • Not waterproof

Lethmik Women’s Warm Winter Knitted Gloves

The Lethmik Women’s Warm Winter Knitted Gloves are cool looking knitted gloves made out of 100% fine-quality acrylic. The shell of the glove is knitted with a Jacquard pattern and is lined with an ultra-warm and thick fleece lining. These gloves are thick and would be suitable in most cold weather activities without worrying about getting cold hands in the process.

At 3 oz., it is clear to see that The Lethmik Women’s Warm Winter Knitted Gloves are heavy-gauge quality, yet the solid color design looks very stylish and modern. The cuff has a unique reverse color pattern for an additional elegant feature. These gloves are thick and warm, and as such are not as dexterous as some other more anatomic gloves.

They would suit someone who wants to look the part and keep their hands warm on long walks in the cold. They would not be the best choice for someone who requires constant use of phones and handbags.


  • Look cool
  • Super-thick warm lining
  • Unique cuff styling
  • Heavy gauge


  • Not waterproof
  • No touchscreen features

Warmen Women’s Touchscreen Leather Gloves

The Warmen Women’s Touchscreen Leather Gloves are a functional and warm winter glove that looks good and performs well too. They are made with soft Nappa leather and are available in 4 colors: black, dark brown, burgundy and grey.

The Warmen Women’s Touchscreen Leather Gloves are also available in 2 styles of inner liners, fleece or cashmere depending on your taste and desired level of warmth. The fleece lining is super warm but adds a small amount of bulk to the glove and comes in a mahogany brown color that matches all the outer shell colors if you decide to roll your cuffs over.

The cashmere liners are in beige and again suit all glove shell colors. The cuffs are finished with a nice button design, which looks very elegant and stylish. The Warmen Women’s Touchscreen Leather Gloves have an excellent functional touch screen finger inserts on both the middle and forefinger and thumb making these gloves very practical as well as stylish.

These gloves are a classic cut soft leather, and as such you will need to ensure the correct size to match your hand to ensure a perfect fit, and dexterity. Thankfully Warmen make these in 4 sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large to provide the ideal fit.


  • Quality Nappa leather
  • Good touchscreen capability
  • Choice of liners
  • Classic cut
  • Stylish look


  • Not waterproof


A good pair of winter gloves is an essential part of your winter wardrobe, and we have reviewed three very different yet quality pairs in this review. Before deciding which gloves to buy it is worth considering the kind of activities you will be doing, and the weather conditions you will be using them in.

The Vbiger Women’s Winter touchscreen gloves will be suitable for taking the chill off the air in medium to cold conditions. They are the kind of day-to-day gloves you can keep in a pocket or bag but probably won’t stand up to very cold or wet conditions.

The Lethmik Women’s Warm Winter Knitted Gloves are cool-looking knitted gloves and are super thick and warm. However, they lack the mobility of a classic cut glove and don’t have touchscreen capability. They are the kind of gloves perfectly suited to long cold walks in the park. When you are getting away from it all, you don’t need to be using your phone or dipping into your bag.

The Warmen Women’s Touchscreen Leather Gloves are a functional and warm winter glove that looks good and perform as good too. The choice of 2 types of liners means you can get a version for day-to-day use and a version for colder conditions (with fleece lining) and still have the ability to use your screens and phones. Whatever you choose, wrap up warm and enjoy!

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