Best Winter Work Gloves

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Best Winter Work Gloves

Working outdoors in the colder weather is no joke, and your extremities are the first thing to feel the pinch, so it’s always a good idea to be fully kitted out with warm and protective gloves for your hands, socks for your feet, and a hat for your head. If you have these three key areas adequately covered you should be able to comfortably continue with all your usual chores, even if the temperature is dropping close to zero outdoors.

If you work in an industry that involves you being outdoors in colder temperatures or even working and operating within a cold storage or factory facility, cold hands are no joke and can severely hamper your productivity and your performance, not to mention leave you feeling miserable and hankering for a change of career! So, having the best winter gloves is crucial.

You don’t just want a pair of gloves that are warm; you also need a pair that allows you still to do all your usual jobs. If you work in manufacturing, agriculture, laboring, gardening or cleaning, for example, it’s vital that you retain the manual dexterity, flexibility, and grip you need in order to perform your essential functions fully. There’s no point investing in an expensive, insulated, but too bulky pair of gloves that you have to remove every time you need to perform one of your duties.

So let’s review some of the best winter work gloves on offer that provide protection, warmth, convenience, grip, durability and dexterous handling.

Superior Glove Fleece Lined Winter Gloves

These Superior winter work gloves are not designed to be Arctic style gloves, but they certainly offer plenty of warm, insulated protection for all kinds of winter workers and are an excellent choice for the construction and agricultural industries who also need plenty of flexibility while working.

They’re constructed from superior dexterity nylon and have a crinkle-grip palm coating to deliver optimal flexibility even in temperatures below freezing. This also makes these gloves a smart choice for anyone working in a cold storage facility or factory, not just in outdoors occupations.

Your hands stay warm and dry thanks to a soft fleece internal lining which is also certified abrasion resistant so no rough, chapped, winter hands either. That palm coating works just as well in wet or dry conditions to deliver a super and flexible grip so that you can still get on with all the jobs at hand. They are also quick drying for all-day comfort and come in a full range of fully Unisex sizing from S through to XXL.


  • Fully insulated to keep you warm and dry
  • Two layers of fabric with 15-gauge nylon
  • Superior grip with crinkle-grip palm coating
  • Quick drying, lightweight and comfortable
  • Industry rated puncture and abrasion resistant
  • Perfect for construction, agriculture and cold storage workers


  • Water resistant but not waterproof
  • In extremely cold temperatures additional insulation recommended

Dex Fit Fleece Winter Work Gloves

These fleece style winter gloves are perfect for anyone working in manual positions or requiring extensive use of their hands in cold weather conditions. They are comfortable and stretchy with their superior spandex fit while also offering a powerful external grip.

Constructed from lightweight 13-gauge, they are made from 100% warm fleece and spandex, designed to deliver a totally flexible fit. So flexible in fact, you can operate machinery, tools, and even a pencil. The wrists are elasticated to keep the gloves tightly in place and prevent any cold or damp getting inside, and the palms and fingertips have an advanced non-toxic Nitrile coating so that you can even comfortably handle light oily materials and machinery.

They make the perfect pair of gloves for all kinds of common applications and functions including gardening, fishing, construction and mechanical work. They’re also fantastic for photographers and landscapers and other light duty workers who might have to take their job outdoors in colder weather months but who need total dexterity to perform their usual everyday functions. All round, a lightweight, warm, practical and thin pair of gloves that give you complete freedom of movement.


  • Flexible and comfortable fit for second skin feel
  • Allow for superior manual dexterity
  • Anti-slip grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Durable water-based nitrile rubber coating
  • Non-toxic construction
  • Fully machine washable


  • Complaints that they’re sized on the small side
  • Not suitable for burdensome labor

G & F Products Jersey Winter Work Gloves

Incredibly reasonably priced, these warm and cozy jersey-constructed gloves make a great disposable glove for all kinds of outdoor workers. They’re sold by the dozen so should last you all winter, even if you are prone to putting your gloves down and forgetting where you left them! They are neither the warmest nor do they have the best grip and waterproof protection, but they are a great budget-friendly option for plenty of different winter purposes with their red fleece lining and Jersey construction.

If you have to work outdoors in manufacturing, agriculture, cleaning or maybe landscaping industries then you need a pair of gloves that will keep you warm and your hands protected, but that will allow you to carry on performing your duties. These G & F Products gloves will enable you to do just that.


  • 9 oz warm and comfortable jersey and fleece glove
  • Slip-on protection cuff
  • Cost effective and economical choice
  • Great for all kinds of winter jobs
  • Lightweight and flexible fit
  • Fully machine washable


  • Lacking in grip
  • Not waterproof


All three of the gloves that made it onto our recommended list today have their various benefits, the most obvious being that they provide plenty of comfort. They offer flexibility to allow the user to still carry out their key work duties, with full use of their fingers.

For their extra grip and additional fleece lining, we really love the Superior Glovewith its 15-gauge nylon. The Dex Fit gets a big thumbs-up for its dexterous handling and non-toxic nitrile coating whereas for price and convenience, you will find it hard to beat the G & F 12 pack. One thing is for sure, if you invest in the correct pair of winter gloves, there is no excuse for poor performance in the workplace, no matter how cold the temperatures might fall.

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