Best Fingerless Gloves in 2020: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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best fingerless gloves

When it comes time to bundling up and facing the cold weather, there are a lot of different accessories that you can use to make the temperatures more manageable. From scarves to beanies to layered thermals, there are many ways to get warm.

While gloves, mittens, and other traditional hand warmers are great when you will be fully exposed to the elements, they aren’t always the most practical. Have you ever tried to work on a computer or your phone while wearing full-finger gloves? If so, you know how impractical they can be.

There are times when fingerless gloves are the perfect solution to your problems. The best fingerless gloves keep you warmer than you would be with no gloves, but they also give you the freedom to use your hands a bit more than you would be able to if you were using standard gloves.

Comparison Chart

XINGFAN Women’s Winter Gloves Warm

Bodvera Thermal Insulation Fingerless Gloves

TrailHeads Women’s Convertible Mittens

Tomily Winter Warm Knit Fingerless Gloves

OMECHY Winter Knitted Fingerless Gloves

Best Fingerless Gloves: A Review

1. XINGFAN Women's Convertible Winter Gloves

The first pair of gloves that we will take a look at today is the Women's Winter Gloves by XINGFAN.

Product Highlights

This product can be used as mittens that cover your fingers or as fingerless gloves by folding the top back. The one-size-fits-most gloves are very convenient to use in many different situations.

The Good

These are very soft gloves that have a nice pattern and thickness to them. The convertible design makes them convenient to use, and most people should be able to use them comfortably.

The Bad

These mittens will keep your hands warm for a short amount of time, but they aren’t made to keep out all the snow. Still, they trap some heat. They also don’t have any padding, so they aren’t made for those that need padded fingerless gloves.


  • Great design
  • Convertible between styles
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy sizing


  • Somewhat itchy
  • No padding
  • Won’t stay dry in snow

2. Bodvera Thermal Insulated Fingerless Gloves

Next up is the Bodvera Thermal Insulated Fingerless Gloves, a logical choice for those who want to balance freedom of movement with warmth.

Product Highlights

The Bodvera Thermal Insulated Gloves is a heavy-duty pair of fingerless gloves made from a blend of wool and polyester. The gloves sport a convertible design between mittens and fingerless gloves. They have a padded leather palm as well as an insulated fleece lining.

The Good

These gloves are very sturdy and warm. They keep your hands both warm and comfortable while you are using them as mittens, but they can still be changed into fingerless gloves for freedom of movement when you need your fingers.

The Bad

The Velcro fastener is very frustrating for some users because it can get stuck on other parts of your attire, but it is also much more convenient than the standard button design for a pair of convertible gloves.


  • Very warm
  • Easy to convert from fingerless to mittens
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable


  • Sheds a bit
  • Limited lifetime
  • Thumb is enclosed

3. TrailHeads Power Stretch Convertible Mittens

Next, let’s take a look at the TrailHeads Power Stretch Convertible Mittens, gloves made with the active person in mind.

Product Highlights

These two-in-one gloves can be used as mittens or as a pair of fingerless gloves. They’re made as a pair of activewear gloves to keep the chill out, but they’re not ideal for freezing temperatures.

The Good

One of the most convenient things about these gloves is that they are truly made for an active lifestyle. The convertible mitten top can be tucked into the glove, so it isn’t in the way, and the four-way power stretch material has good ventilation. All of this makes them very useful for outdoor exercise and activities.

The Bad

One of the biggest problems that you might have with these gloves is the sizing. While there is a sizing chart available, it doesn’t always work perfectly. Still, it is possible to find a good fit if you carefully measure and check the exact sizing requirements.


  • Thumb and main flaps can be easily secured
  • Reflective strip
  • Good for adding grip to hands
  • Stretchy, breathable material
  • Good value


  • Not for cold weather
  • Not water resistant

4. Tomily Winter Knit Fingerless Two-in-One Gloves

The Tomily Winter Knit Fingerless Gloves is a unique take on the two-in-one gloves that can be used as either a full glove or as a fingerless option.

Product Highlights

These gloves have two separate layers that can be worn separately, so you have fingerless gloves or together for a warmer, layered experience. They don’t have individual finger columns, so they can be a bit looser and more comfortable.

The Good

Buying this set of gloves basically gives you three different pairs of gloves because you can wear just the fingerless gloves, the standard fingered gloves, or you can wear them both layered together. This makes them a great value, and the fingered gloves have touchscreen compatibility.

The Bad

If you have fingers that are on the longer side for your hand size, you might find that the fingers on the fingered gloves in this set aren’t the most comfortable, but that will not be an issue at all when you are wearing just the fingerless gloves.


  • Soft and stretchy
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Great value; three pairs in one purchase
  • Comfy, fleece-like lining


  • Extra fabric in fingertips
  • Not very secure buttons

5. OMECHY Winter Knitted Fingerless Gloves

The OMECHY Winter Knitted Fingerless Gloves is another pair of warm, insulated convertible fingerless gloves that are great for cold weather.

Product Highlights

This is a wool polyester blend glove made to fit both men and women, perfect for cold weather. The gloves are made with a convertible mitten top so that they can be used as mittens or fingerless gloves. The inside has thick insulation, and the palm has a nice leather pad as well.

The Good

These gloves are easier to adjust than many other convertible gloves, so it is effortless to adjust your jacket or use your phone while wearing them. The gloves are generously sized without feeling too big on most hands, so they are a very comfortable fit.

The Bad

These are not the most durable gloves, and they can begin to lose their shape if you don’t handle them correctly. Wash them by hand if possible, and let them dry on a flat surface for the best results.


  • Thick and insulated
  • Cute style
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Easy to convert between fit styles


  • One size fits all may not work for everyone
  • Durability issues

Buyer’s Guide

The only way for you to be able to determine which of these pairs of fingerless gloves is going to work best for you is to break down what it is that each pair offers. These are the key features that you should pay attention to when you are shopping for your pair of gloves.

1. Size

The first thing that you will want to do is check what sizes the gloves come in. Are they one size fits all? Are they stretchy? Can you choose a size that will fit your hands appropriately?

If gloves are too small, you won’t be able to wear them, and that makes them useless. If gloves are too big, they might be wearable, but they won’t always be as functional as they should be.

Gloves that are too big will be loose that may get in the way. They may even let all the heat out while you are wearing them.

Check the size before you pick your new pair of gloves, and you’ll be on the right track!

2. Comfort

Another feature to consider is the comfort level of the gloves. Do they feel good when they are on your hands? Do you feel like you can put them on and forget about them, or do you need to be adjusting the fit constantly?

Gloves that aren’t comfortable aren’t practical, and that’s even truer when you are wearing fingerless gloves. Comfort can sometimes be sacrificed when your main goal is to keep the elements out, but fingerless gloves are not used to keep your hands completely separate from all elements.

Be sure that you like how the gloves feel. If you don’t like their feel, you won’t use them, and that would make them useless.

3. Durability

When you invest your money into buying a new accessory, you want to be sure that it is going to last for a long time. Things not made well will fall apart after just a few uses, and that can leave you feeling like you water your money. That is why it is important to look at durability when you choose your fingerless gloves.

Well-made fingerless gloves will be able to be worn for months, if not years, because the seams and overall construction are done properly. Pay attention to the fabric, stitching, and construction quality as you select your gloves, and you’ll be happy with how long things last.

4. Airflow

When wearing something that fits tightly like gloves or socks, you want to consider how good the airflow is in the item. Airflow is affected by the material used and the way that it is put together.

Airflow is important when you are wearing fingerless gloves because you want your hands to be warm and comfortable, but you don’t want them to become overheated if you are doing something active. When heat and moisture become too trapped inside, the gloves can and will become too uncomfortable to wear.

5. Warmth

Warmth can be important, as well. Do you want the gloves to keep you very warm or just a little bit warmer than you usually are?

Many fingerless gloves are used to keep your hands protected rather than to keep them warm, so it’s important to check that out. Depending on your needs, make sure that you choose a material and warmth value that will match with your needs.

6. Weight

Finally, think about the weight of the gloves. If the gloves are too heavy, they might be inconvenient to keep in your bag or bring around with you. Most gloves aren’t too heavy, but it is possible because some fingerless gloves are used for weight training, so you should check this as you are shopping.

Fingerless Gloves FAQs

1. What Are Fingerless Gloves?

Fingerless gloves are those that have the finger columns cut off before the top. These gloves are often used for weight training, boxing, skateboarding, fishing, and riding motorcycles.

2. When Were Fingerless Gloves Invented?

There is not an exact date when fingerless gloves were invented. However, it’s clear that they have a long history. There is proof that early Romans and Greeks used these types of gloves, and these gloves were likely invented not long after standard gloves.

3. Do Fingerless Gloves Keep Hands Warm?

Fingerless gloves can keep your hands warm. They warm up your palms, the top of your hands, and your wrists. All of these areas help to keep your blood at a warmer temperature, and that keeps you warmer, too. Even your fingers will stay warmer than they would without any glove at all thanks to your warm blood flow.

4. Why Are Fingerless Gloves Popular?

Fingerless gloves are popular for many different types of activities, but the key point is that they are used by people who want to be able to move freely while keeping their hands warm. Another reason that people use this type of gloves is to be able to have a nice padded grip, such as when fishing or riding a motorcycle.

5. Are Fingerless Gloves in Style?

While fingerless gloves are not at the forefront of fashion in the same way they were back in the 1980s, they can definitely still be used to create a fashion statement. Since the gloves were huge in fashion in that decade, they have continued to be popular in different ways, so you can still rock them.

Final Verdict

Overall, we have to say that the best fingerless gloves among these options are the Bodvera Thermal Insulated Fingerless Gloves. These gloves have the best balance between easy convertibility, warmth, insulation, and style. The value of the gloves outshines many others, and they have some of the best features of all the gloves we talked about today.

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