Are Leather Gloves Warm?

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Are Leather Gloves Warm?

You really are spoiled for choice than it comes to choosing the perfect pair of winter gloves so much so, that trying to pinpoint which ones are right for you might be the tricky part. The kind of gloves that you ultimately invest in will no doubt be a function of when and where you will be wearing them.

If you are looking for a pair of thickly insulated gloves that can handle sub-zero working conditions, then the finest Kidd leather probably isn’t going to be your best bet. Likewise, a pair of beautifully soft and sumptuous cashmere gloves wouldn’t be your first choice for winter sports like snowboarding. So think about why you are purchasing a new pair of gloves. Certainly, leather offers a very stylish and sophisticated choice and is surprisingly suitable for a wide range of winter climates and perhaps warmer than you might have imagined.

Are Leather Gloves Warm Enough for the Harsher Winter Months?

A practical pair of everyday gloves, as opposed to a pair being bought for an ice mountaineering expedition, for example, should be easy to slip on and off. They should allow the wearer to maintain a level of dexterity so that they can still undertake most of their daily tasks with ease and of course offer adequate protection for the circumstances and season in which they’re being worn.

Unless you are happy to keep taking your gloves on and off, you need a pair that fit snugly and securely and that allow you to drive, open your car door, and grab and carry things, etc. All of those tasks and so many more besides can be flawlessly performed while wearing a pair of leather gloves.

Can you scrape the windscreen of ice on a cold winter morning and still feel your fingers minutes later if you are wearing a pair of leather gloves? Yes, you should be able to. Leather gloves have many benefits and one of them being that they are warm, especially when lined with something like cashmere or a warm wool blend.

Some of the Benefits of Leather Gloves

If you’re not yet a convert to the fashionable world of wearing leather gloves, then you really don’t know what you are missing. Besides the obvious factor that they look so chic and elegant, leather gloves offer an incredible grip and support which is why they have long been loved by and associated with the motoring industries.

From classic car drivers to performance racing drivers, the leather glove goes hand in hand with this gentlemanly pursuit. There’s a reason why the sartorial leather glove is still as popular today as it ever was, and that’s because it not only looks great, but it really does perform well too. You could say it has the perfect blend of brawn and beauty.

Can Leather Gloves Really Protect Your Hands and Fingers from the Elements?

A leather glove is far more than just a sophisticated choice for the dapper man about town who rarely ventures much further than his car door to his front door. They actually do protect incredibly well from the elements, particularly a bitterly biting wind. It makes sense when you think about it for a second.

When the weather takes a turn for the worse and mercury plummets, chances are that you grab for something that’s sheepskin or leather to deliver that added protection. From coats to winter boots, as well as gloves, leather really does make an excellent choice because it’s winter proof. Leather is tough and durable while at the same time can also be soft and supple. It’s the perfect outer material for a pair of dependable winter gloves.

Consider the Lining You Require for Your Leather Gloves According to the Climate You Live In

They type of leather you go for as well as their lining will determine precisely how warm and weather protected your gloves ultimately are. For a general multi-purpose glove then a soft and buttery pair of leather gloves with a nice warm cashmere lining certainly can’t be beat. However, if you live in s much harsher and more brutal winter climate, then deerskin leather will be tougher and more robust.

Pay particular attention to the quality of the stitching and finishing as the better it is, the warmer your leather gloves will be. Also, consider gloves which have a secure fastening or elasticated wrist section that is going to help to keep out the winter winds, sleet and snow.

What Kinds of Leather Are Commonly Used to Construct the Best Winter Gloves?

Several different animal hides can be used to design and fashion leather gloves. Let’s have a quick look below at some of the more popular options and their relative pros and cons.

Cowhide is a common and inexpensive choice and is relatively thick and warm making it a budget-friendly and practical everyday option. For a more rugged and weather-hardy skin, then deerskin works like a treat and is particularly favored by outdoors workers who need something warm and hard wearing.

Goatskin is also sometimes used to make gloves, and while it’s not as soft to the touch as the other options, it is hardy and can be inexpensive.

For flexibility, suppleness and that sumptuous finish, nappa lamb is a widely popular choice and is used to fashion evening and dress style gloves as well as being frequently used for driving gloves.

Finally, sheepskin makes a fantastic casual, and warm leather glove material on account of its resistance to cold weather conditions and when combined with a wool interior is the perfect winter glove fusing good looks and functionality with warmth and  adequate weather protection.

Still Worried as to Whether Those Leather Gloves You Have Your Eye On Will Be Warm Enough?

Don’t be! As long as you’re not intending to shovel snow outdoors for hours on end or propose wearing them for a daylong snowboarding session in Baltic conditions, then the right pair of leather gloves are a stylish and practical option. They’re excellent for a wide range of activities and as well as looking stylish and elegant, will keep your fingers warm and dry all winter long and for many seasons to come.

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