Are Leather Gloves Good for Winter?

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Are Leather Gloves Good for Winter?

Knowing which kind of gloves to invest in for the winter months can be tricky, and to a certain extent, it will, of course, depend on the reason and occasions as to why you are purchasing them and where you’ll be wearing them. Clearly, if you work outdoors in extreme temperatures, then you’re not going to want an elegant pair of gloves made from the finest Kidd leather. If you are heading off on a skiing trip, then a pair of beautiful cashmere wool gloves won’t do the trick either.

You are going to want something that’s highly waterproof, not just warm. So before we go on to answer today’s question, “are leather gloves good for winter,” we’d ask you to first think about what purpose you have for investing in a new pair this year. Maybe it will be leather all the way for you after all. Certainly, it’s an elegant and sophisticated choice, and they are surprisingly suitable for all kinds of winter climates.

Let’s delve in and look at leather gloves in particular and their suitability for the winter months.

A good pair of gloves, which we are going to assume you want to use for everyday tasks and not extreme work or play conditions, needs to be a practical choice, easy to slip on and off but also provide convenient handling for those everyday tasks.

Unless you want to be taking them off every few minutes, ideally you need a pair of gloves that conveniently allow you to get on with your daily activities rather than hamper you. If they do fully support you, they will be priceless, and you will quickly find out that they are your new, best winter friend.

If you want a pair of gloves that you can drive in, clean your car windscreen on a fresh and frosty winter morning but that still look elegant enough to head to a business meeting wearing with your smart overcoat, then there’s no question that a pair of sumptuous, smooth, leather gloves certainly will fit the bill.

What are the benefits of leather gloves?

If you’ve not worm leather gloves before now, you really don’t know what you have been missing, and you might never go back to your previous alternatives, whether those might have been wool, synthetic or something all-together entirely different.

Leather gloves have a sensational grip which is why they have long been the glove of choice for drivers. Racing drivers, classic fast cars, and sophisticated leather gloves go hand in hand. It’s a traditional and old school combination, and there’s a reason why they’ve stood the test of time.

Leather gloves are so much more though than an elegant and sophisticated choice. They really do protect well against winter elements. Think about it, what do you grab to keep out the winter winds? Chances are it might be a leather or sheepskin jacket, and leather gloves offer excellent protection for your hands against the chill.

What are most of your winter boots constructed from? Again, we’re betting that you have a pair of tough leather ones in your winter wardrobe. If they are good enough to protect your upper body and your feet, then a pair of leather gloves will surely be a winning choice for your hands too.

Consider your Climate as that might determine the lining you need

These days you can also buy leather gloves that are lined with something like cashmere, so they offer the additional internal warmth as well as external grip and protection. The kind of leather you ultimately go for may differ according to where you live and the types of winter weather that you more commonly experience. If you get windy and rainy weather, then a soft buttery pair of leather gloves with a warm cashmere lining will do the job.

If you have colder and more challenging, harsh winters, then consider a more hardy and robust pair of deerskin leather gloves with reinforced stitching to secure the more vulnerable fingertips and perhaps elasticated wrist sections to keep the cold and snow out.

Style matters and leather gloves make a perfect present choice.

There is many a Christmas list that features a pair of elegant leather gloves on it, and they make a stylish, practical and very welcome gift. Don’t forget that you can get all kinds of different leathers, from lambskin to calfskin, suede and exquisite soft Nappa leather. Whether you are a driver, a motorcyclist, or just fashion savvy, there will be the perfect style and shape of leather glove for you that will see you comfortably through this winter. They are simultaneously both a sophisticated and warm choice.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common types of leather used in gloves.

Cowhide leather is another inexpensive and prevalent choice and is quite thick, so an excellent option for those who are either on a budget or who want a pair that will see them through the winter months. They are practical and convenient enough for everyday handling.

Deerskin is much more rugged as we’ve already discussed and therefore it makes a great leather of choice for anyone working or spending time outdoors in the winter. Goatskin isn’t quite as sumptuous as the others and is rougher to the touch so not the most popular of choices, but it is hardy and inexpensive.

Lamb Nappa is super soft, sumptuous and supple and delivers plenty of flexibility. For this reason, Nappa is used more in evening and dress style, occasion gloves, rather than for a daytime multi-purpose glove.

Sheepskin and lambskin create great casual style gloves and offer significant resistance against the cold weather, especially when combined with something like a wool lining. They make a trendy choice for a country riding glove.

Are you still worried that a pair of leather gloves will be good for the winter?

Then don’t. Choose wisely and invest in the right pair of leather gloves for where you live and the activities you most regularly undertake you will look stylish and keep your extremities cozily warm and dry all winter long.

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